Start Your Own Clothing Line

fashion design Starting your own clothing line maybe simpler than you may have first expected. Today, if you think up an idea you can make it a reality. Many great fashion designers broke into the world of fashion but using scrap pieces they found at department stores. Today the up and coming fashion designer has it much easier. You just have to work with in your budget and make sure that you are trying to push the envelope in everything that you do.

Designing clothes can leave you stumped at first. When you see fashion shows normally the models are dressed in overly decorative and extravagant clothes. While these outfits may make the fashion show more interesting it is very rare to see someone outside of the show sporting one of these outfits. Keeping your designs down to what you could see yourself wearing. Chances are if the shirt you make is something you like someone else out there will think it’s something nice as well.

When it comes to making your outfits your best choice is outsource your work to a company that specializes in manufacturing clothes. A site like QUANTUMFACTORY.NET can help you make your dreams of being a fashion designer come true. Working with a trusted company can make sure that you are getting the highest quality that will make you customers happy. When you are just starting out you may try to save money in the short term by trying to make your clothing yourself. The downside to this is the more popular your brand becomes the harder it will be to keep up with demand. Once this happens you start to sacrifice the overall quality in order to keep up.

Designing your own clothing line is something that can be greatly rewarding. Keeping your designs down to what you like while teaming up with already established professionals will make you a success. You will still have to put yourself out there but letting the pros handle the manufacturing of your clothes, will free you up and allow you to make something that you will be proud of.

An Easy Way to Make a Good Impression

business card case Sometimes the best way to expand your business is with social gatherings. Parties, most of the time, are stress free events where people can mingle without having to worry about working. When you are attending one of these events you want to present yourself in a fashion of someone that is well together and has a sense of style. A healthy balance between being professional and being fun will ensure that you make the right impression on everyone.

A very easy way to make a good impression is through business cards. This simple little pieces of paper can not only make it easy to give out your information but can also give a potential client or business partner of your level of professionalism. There are also two different aspects to using business cards the right way. The first is the card themselves and the second is the case in which you hold them in.

The case that you cards are held in generally is the first thing someone will notice. The more stylish this is the more they will remember you. A sleek and classy design on you business card case is an investment you will be glad you made. It’s one of those little things that go a long way and will have a difference when you are trying to make a good first impression.

When it comes to the business card itself readability is everything. While you may be tempted to go with the most colorful and extravagant design you can, this may very well be a mistake. If there is too much going on design wise with you business card it can actually make it easier for people to forget you. A simple design will help people remember the information on the card and in the long run will increase the possibility of them reaching out to you.

While nowadays almost everything is becoming digitalized the business card still holds relevance. There is something about the act of physically holding information that helps people remember it. It also is a boost to giving off the appearance of being a professional. It is a very simple investment that goes along way.

Why Do Clothes Need Lining?

clothing lining To the untrained eye, lining in garments like jackets, pants, skirts, and even blouses might seem like nothing more than a waste of fabric and a way to make the numbers on the price tag bigger. Still, as any clothing designer or manufacturer would confirm, linings have their purpose – and it’s more than simply making clothes more expensive.

For one, linings are great when it comes to hiding the inner seams of a garment. While it isn’t such an important thing in skirts or blouses, other garments, like jackets or coats, are expected to be taken off in social situations. Taking them off would reveal unsightly seams if there were no linings to keep the seams out of sight.

Linings can also give some structure to garments made out of lighter materials. If you like the looks and the texture of a material, but you’re not happy with the way it drapes, using a lining with the desired drape can make the garment look exactly like you want it to. Also, garments from smooth materials will be easier to put on and take off, because the lining reduces friction between the jacket and other clothing items you are wearing.

In certain situations, linings can protect your garments by keeping sweat away from the outer fabric. While this can look like a purely esthetic role, keep in mind that the sweat can actually damage the outer fabrics, and while it might be next to impossible, and very unhealthy, to stop yourself from sweating, a lining can prolong your garment’s life cycle by protecting it. Linings can also protect you from static electricity, as well, as they can be made from materials that prevent it from building up.

As you can see, linings play an important part in how the garment looks, feels, and how long it lasts. So, the next time you’re thinking the added price for a garment with lining isn’t worth it, keep in mind that linings make clothes last longer, look more beautiful, and be easier to wear. And if given a choice between an item with lining and one without, always go with the one with lining. It’s worth it.

Your Basic Guide to Italian Risotto Rices

italian rice Did you know that there are at least 15 types of Italian rice? There are. And, although you may not be able to name any, there is a strong chance that you have heard of Risotto and Arborio. The other, more common Italian rices are Ariete, Baldo, Carnaroli, Lido, Maratelli, Originario, Padano, Ribe, Roma, Sant’Andrea, Thaibonnet, Venere, and Vialone Nano. Now, although this may seem to be a great number of rice varieties, you ought to keep in mind that worldwide, there are at least 40,000 different types of rice.

Generally speaking, rice is long grain, medium grain, or short grain. By definition, the former is at least three times as long as it is wide, while the middle category is for less than three times as long as it is wide and the latter grouping is for all grains that are even shorter than that. Risotto rice is short grain.

Risotto Rice

Risotto is actually not the name of a particular rice, but rather the way a number of different Italian rice varieties are cooked and the name of the final rice dish. Risotto rice is especially starchy which adds layers of rice flavors to its final dish, while cooking Risotto normally starts with a toasting of the grains before they are braised. This gives Risotto a nutty goodness.

Arborio Rice

Arborio rice is a pearl grain due to its rounded shape and polished exterior. Being loaded with starch and possessing the ability to take on flavors, Arborio is often used for Risotto dishes. It also does very well in seafood and vegetable dishes. Though it historically was grown in Italy’s Po Valley, it is now also grown in the US.

Carnaroli Rice

Another pearl, rounded rice, Carnaroli rice is likewise used to make Risotto for the exact same reasons that Arborio rice is. Many people consider this rice to be the finest of all the Italian rices. This rice is grown around Milan and Turin and now also in South America’s Andes Mountains.

Open Carrying: Yay or Nay?

Open carrying; the practice of carrying your firearm out in the open is a practice that has been legalized in some states relatively recently. As a gun owner you might be wondering whether or not this is for you. What does open carrying entail and should you participate? This article will discuss the idea and whether or not it has merit, hopefully it will help you reach a decision.

If you own a gun, depending on who you are, you are likely licensed to be able to or open carry or concealed carry. Depending on where you live, one might be banned and the other not or vice versa. Concealed carrying is when you have a gun on your person but it is concealed under your jacket. You need a special permit for this and the practice is still controversial and under a great deal of scrutiny by gun advocates and government officials alike. However the practice of open carrying removes the jacket from the equation and states that you, a civilian, can carry your firearm out in the open where everyone can see it. But should you?

There are several things you should consider before doing so. If you already carry a gun on your person, what is the benefit of showing it to the world? That is the question. If you start open carrying you can expect a great many stares, possible some fearful. People are afraid of guns and, justified or not, are afraid of people with guns and that will include you whether you like it or not if you decide to start open carrying. If people see you with a gun they are going to assume that, not only do you know how to use it, but you are ready and willing to use it, and even if you are this is going to put them off.

You can expect some storeowners to ask you to leave the premises if you are open carrying, And a great deal of scrutiny will be coming your way from all walks of society if you just decide to walk around with a gun on your hip. Overall the practice of open carrying seems rather unnecessary next to the practice of concealed carrying. Especially if you have a certain air you want to project. Like it or not, open carrying will make people hesitant around you and you’ll be receiving some judgment that you may not deserve or want but will come your way nonetheless. So take these factors into account before you decide to open carry or not, as it will change the way people look at you and you may not like that.

Origins of the Tee Shirt

The oh-so commonly worn article of clothing that we know as the “T-shirt” actually surfaced in the United States when they were issued by the U.S. Navy, sometime around the Spanish American War. They featured crew-necks and short sleeves and were meant to be worn as underwear, just beneath the uniform. Soon the T shirt was adopted by the Army as part of the standard issue ensemble given to recruits. It got its iconic name from its shape resembling the letter “T”. Dockworkers, farmers, miners, and construction type workers also adopted the T-shirt, in preference of the lightweight fabric and how it performed during hotter weather conditions.

Because these T shirts were made from inexpensive cotton and were so easy to clean, they became the shirt of choice made by mothers everywhere, for their sons’ outerwear for chores and play. When worn underneath and hidden by a dress (or Sunday) shirt, they helped both boys and men to stay warm during chilly weather. By the 1920′s “T-shirt” had become an official American-English word in the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.

The earliest shirts to be printed were probably the highly sought-after collectible tees which were made for promoting the 1939 film The Wizard of OZ. Credit of the first printed tee is most often attributed to the Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt featured on the July 13th, 1942 cover of LIFE magazine. Mickey Mouse later followed suit a few years later as an exclusively licensed print for Tropix Togs, a company founded by Sam Kantor in Miami, Florida.

Aside from veterans and blue collar workers, the popularity of the T-shirt skyrocketed to even greater heights when screen heartthrob Marlon Brando wore one in A Streetcar Named Desire.The plain, white T shirt subsequently became fashionably cool to wear as an outer garment, alone. Today many types of design applications are used on T shirts. Such methods include airbrushing, embroidery, direct printing, heat transfer, and silk screening, to name a few.

Put Your Name on Autumn

monogram fall clothing While the autumn season is upon us only because the calendar says so, the reality is that across the country – even if it’s not cool enough yet, or it has already gotten cooler – fall weather will arrive. At some point. And of course, as cooler weather comes just as reliably as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we should be already prepared by having at least some of our summer clothes put away and pulling out some of the thicker, warmer fall and winter clothes.

But have you noticed how impersonal the season has become? The clothes you wear this fall are the same ones you wore last fall, and the fall before that, and the fall before that. And these likely will be the clothes you wear next fall too. And who believes for a second that every fall is exactly the same as the one before it?

The point is, we give our autumns no personality, no attitude to make it unique. We just treat it as a season just to get through – no need to “dignify” it with any kind of unique label.

Well maybe not. But don’t we, in effect, make every winter different because of the Christmas or Hanukkah gifts we give/receive? Do we not often remember what winter season we got that favorite gift? Of course we do. But fall? Pretty non-descript.

That could be the problem right there. We show our attitude and personality by the types of gifts we give/receive during the winter holidays, but when we can be selfish in the fall, we don’t do it. Maybe it’s time to take care of oursevles every once in a while, starting with putting a stamp on the fall season with a visit to and getting fall clothing like windbreakers or rain jackets monogrammed  in a font and style that reflects our personality.

If you are one who enjoys the fall, why make the season blur with every other one in your memories because you wear the same clothes? You are so generous of yourself other times of the year – this is the time to take care of yourself and put a name on this autumn season so it’s one to be remembered.

Don’t just survive another autumn; embrace it.

Guajillo Chili

Chili peppers are as diverse as the food people cook with them. Each one unique onto itself. Some of them add just a little extra kick while others will turn your mouth into a raging inferno. One of the more common peppers available, the Guajillo chili pepper is found in many dishes from Mexico. For novices in the field of Mexican cuisine here is a helpful introduction to the Guajillo chili pepper.


The Guajillo chili pepper has a tough outer skin. Before you can start cooking with it you are going to want to soften this up by soaking it in water. While this chili pepper is the only one you soak in water, it will take a little longer until it is ready to be mixed in with the cuisine. You will also want to separate the seeds from the rest of the pepper. The seeds of peppers will have more flavor than the rest of the pepper. With the seeds you can crush them up and place them off to the side. If the dish you prepare with the Guajillo doesn’t have enough kick in it, you can mix in a few of the crushed seeds to bring out the hotness or flavor more.


For the most part when people mention peppers of any kind the first thing that comes to mind is the hotness of the dish. The Guajillo measures between 2,500 and 4,000 Scoville units. This ranks it as having a mild hotness, so you can use it to either add some more kick or bring out other flavors in different dishes. With blending flavors the more creative side of cooking comes. You can take a traditional dish and add your personal touch to it by experimenting with different amounts of flavoring.

If you keep these two things in mind making anything from salsa to traditional chicken and rice dishes will be easy and enjoyable for you. Experimenting with them could also lead you to some very surprising end results. In the high stakes world of fine dining a new trend of cooking has shown its self by chefs experimenting and blending traditional flavors to create something entirely new. While you may not be someone built for this competitive world you can still enjoy the same level of cooking right in your own home.

Driving in the Snow – Essentials of Separation of Control

car driving tips We’ve all seen the phenomena of the first season’s snow-fall and cars spinning wildly into the ditch; it’s as though the previous seven months of warmer weather completely erased any memory of how to best drive in slippery conditions.

What “controls” do you have?

  • Brake
  • Gas (throttle)
  • Steering

By using only one control at a time you dramatically improve the effectiveness of your tires! Why you ask? Because a tire only has so much grip (determined by a number of different tire properties), and once you exceed the maximum grip level that can be achieved given the road you’re driving on that instant, the sliding (skidding) tire now has much less grip. If you’re using 100% of the tire’s grip for braking, how much grip remains for turning? Zero! That’s the beauty of Separation of Controls, it helps you from CREATING SKIDS! The majority of skids that you will experience in your driving life will be created by you!

The Separation of Controls Technique

1. When braking, don’t steer

2. When steering, don’t brake or accelerate (except for “maintenance throttle”, very light pressure on the gas pedal to overcome drive-line friction)

3. When accelerating, don’t steer

By following the above recommendations, you will find your driving performance improve greatly in the snow with less chances of sliding or skidding.

More advice

As you refine this new technique you’ll notice that when cornering, as you begin to transition from the turn to the straight road you can begin to add more throttle in direct proportion to moving the steering wheel toward pointing straight ahead. Also as you practice you may find you can continue to hold very light brake pressure as you first begin turning the steering wheel from straight ahead to turning into the beginning of the corner. You’ll see you’re developing a direct connection between hands turning the steering wheel and feet applying pressure to pedals:

  • More steering, less pedal (brake or throttle)
  • More pedal, less steering

Finally, make good choices on where you drive! A pro racer’s focus is the search for best grip from the tarmac; the focus when driving in snow is the same! Why drive on the shiny black stuff when there’s fluffy white stuff only six inches away? Test the surface condition regularly using conservative brake 

Book the Holy Book

holy land tours As the calendar has flipped to September, school is in session and the early clues of fall are coming. And with that comes the realization that the end of the year is coming, and many of us often take stock of what has been accomplished this year and start to get goals of what to accomplish next year. 

If you are member of the clergy or a lay minister in your church, when you take stock of your congregation, do you see something missing in your flock’s spiritual journey? Does it seem like it is wandering in the wilderness – knowing the letter of the Bible but not embracing the spirit?

If you are looking for a way to ignite fellowship and encourage a deeper understanding and respect for the Word of God and getting away from all the distractions of everyday life that tries to tempt us away from God, then for the new year you could consider taking your congregation on a special Bible-themed tour of the Holy Lands, Egypt, Greece or even the seven churches of Revelation in Turkey. 

A quick visit to provides an opportunity to request a tour guide brochure so that you can start planning that Bible-based getaway where you visit some of the holiest sites in the Bible, and have some wonderful Bible study opportunities away from home, minimizing distractions and allowing your congregation to truly become closer to God and better understand its relationship with its Holy Father.

A Bible tour can be just even to shake up your flock, turn them away from the wilderness and put them back on the straight and narrow way toward the Truth of being in God’s kingdom.  Be His obedient children and be the Moses that leads your flock to the Promised Land with a Bible tour.