Lose the Paper Trail and Invest in a Paperless Time Clock System

If you are looking for ways to increase employee productivity and efficiency without going on a hiring spree, why not start with your time keeping system? Chances are you are still using a manual time keeping system to keep a detailed record of all of your employees. In order for your company to save money on operational expenses and increase productivity, you need to invest in a paperless time clock system.

Makes Multi-Location Time Tracking a Breeze

It is very time consuming and confusing to manage employees from different locations. Not only do you need to make sure that each person is doing their job correctly, you also need to keep track of their hours. A paperless time clock can help you to do both and keep you from losing your mind. It can track all of your employees’ work hours across different locations and eliminate the need for a paper trail.

Payroll is Easier to Process

An electronic time clock is very accurate. It tracks time all the way down to the exact second. You do not have to worry about any discrepancies or uncertainties when it comes to determining the exact time that someone punched in. All accounting is taken care of and determining overtime pay is much easier. A paperless time clock stores all employee time information in a database, while significantly reducing payroll and accounting errors.

Saves Money on Equipment

Constantly purchasing supplies can quickly add up to an expense that you may not be able to afford since supplies may not always be available for an affordable price. By upgrading to a paperless time clock system, you can use your time for more important things and eliminate manual time keeping equipment expenses from your budget.

Even if you have had a great deal of success in the past with manual time clock systems, it is time for you to bring your business into the 21st century with equipment that will improve employee productivity and efficiency, while reducing your operational costs.

You can learn more about reasons to switch to a paperless time clock system from the Gorilla Paper Blog.

Five Things to Consider When Purchasing Wholesale Crafts

arts crafts whole sale Whether you are an expecting mom, preschool teacher, or craft enthusiast, purchasing arts and crafts through wholesale venues can help you save time and money, while doing what you love doing most: crafting. However, finding a wholesale supplier can often be a challenging task. Fortunately there are a few ways that can help anyone save time and money while embarking on their crafting project.

1.Find a Reliable Supplier

Finding a reliable supplier can help bring down the cost of any arts and crafts project. This can be especially helpful for teachers and organizations that work with individuals on craft projects, but are limited on funding.

2.Order Online

Nowadays, people are more inclined to plan ahead when it comes to arts and crafts projects. Ordering online can help ensure you get your craft projects in a timely manner, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

3.Find a Source with Multiple Items

One of the reasons big box stores like Cost Co and Sam’s Club are so popular are because they sell everything you need in one spot. Just as your shopping for groceries, it’s always easier to shop at a store that has everything you are looking for, from clothing, auto care supplies, to school supplies, and food. When you are looking to shop for whole sale craft items it’s important to find a source that is reputable for selling a range of whole sale craft items.

4.Saves Time

Shopping for craft supplies is easy and saves plenty of time when you shop online. Ecstasy crafts is your one stop shop for all things arts and crafts. The site is easy to navigate so you can purchase items for your wedding or baby shower, classroom, or even your own home.

5. Peace of Mind

Working with wholesale suppliers can help provide peace of mind. It’s important to work with a company that values their customers and takes pride in the products that are delivered.

Personalized Beach Towels

beach towels The summer of 2014 has been heating up and the rest of August is bound to be hot.  Does your family have a plan for vacation?  Will it include a pool, lake, river or ocean to swim in?  What better way to have a great experience than with personalized beach towels for the entire family.  Envision having a personal beach towel for each member of the family for that picnic or BBQ by the lake or for camping near a creek.  With your summer vacation, you may be staying in a motel with a pool and your kids will feel extra special with their awesome beach towels.

At Little Goddess Boutique our personalized beach towels are the PERFECT way to add your own style and personality to any summer trip! They also make great gifts! Whether you’re looking for a gift for Graduation, Sweet Sixteen, Birthday, Christmas…or JUST BECAUSE.  See our best seller here.

  • Each beach towel measures 30″ X 60″
  • We now have TWO fabric options. Pricing will be determined by the TYPE of towel you choose. Please make your selection between the following two towel types.
    • MICROFIBER – Super soft Poly fiber fabric – thinner, lightweight towel
    • PLUSH – Made of mold resistant 100% polyester. This is the thickest towel available in our market (using the process we use).

Summer is special for living out dreams and vacations time is almost over.  Purchase our beach towels to make sure that the summer of 2014 is relaxing, exciting and memorable, and if you have any questions contact us and we will assist you with your custom design and purchase.

Catch Anna And Elsa At Disney World

disney frozenPrincess Anna and Queen Elsa, from Frozen, are incredibly popular and two of the most recent additions to Disney World’s Princess population.

See Them At The Magic Kingdom

You can see Anna and Elsa in the Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy Parade, offered most days at 3:00PM. First check your Magic Kingdom Times Guide, which you can get near the park maps at the park entrance for the exact time of the parade during your visit.

Limited Time: Live At Disney’s Hollywood Studios (July 5 – September 1 2014)

For Frozen fans, there are numerous special events scheduled here throughout the day, including Olaf on Summer Vacation, Anna & Elsa’s Royal Welcome (daily at 11:00 AM,) A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration, Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post & Frozen Funland, “Coolest Summer Ever” Dance Party (5:30PM Daily,) and a spectacular “Frozen” Fireworks display (9:45PM nightly.) Don’t miss them before they’re gone!

Meet Princesses Anna And Elsa

You can meet Anna & Elsa in the Princess Fairytale Hall of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.   This location accepts FASTPASS+ reservations and it’s recommended that guests take advantage of this option because the standby line for Anna and Elsa is so popular that it’s regularly exceeding three hours.  If you don’t have a FASTPASS+ reservation, get to the Magic Kingdom at least 20 minutes prior to arrival and immediately head to Princess Fairytale Hall, just as soon as the park opens to minimize your wait time.  It’s really critical that, to avoid disappointment, you do not promise your Frozen fan that they’ll get to meet Anna and Elsa until you have a FASTPASS+ reservation or you’ve have had a chance to check out the stand-by line time. >>At this time, Anna and Elsa do not appear at any of the Disney Princess character meals.

The Norway Pavilion At Epcot

The Norway Pavillion in Epcot is fun for fans of Frozen because it looks so much like the scenes in the movie.  The Maelstrom ride in the pavilion is a fun experience with some mild thrills that kids will especially enjoy.  Elsa and Anna are in the works to be added to the Princess Storybook Dining that is offered at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in this pavilion.

All Good Things Flow From The Earth

natural suppliant Every wonder what the additional ingredients are in that food you love? You know, Pop Tarts have a laundry list of items that are contained inside of it’s sweet breaded center. When we take the time to actually look something up you would be surprised as to what it is your body is taking in with each bite. The laundry list goes on and you find at the end a quick blurb saying: Natural Ingredients. What happened to the natural ingredients being, oh, flour, sugar, and eggs? Maybe flour is listed on the box, and definitely sugar, but that’s about it for recognizable ingredients. The U.S. has a weight problem and the main issue is that the food we are eating and the life we are living do not support a healthy life.
If you want to change your life, change your diet, you’ll need help and that is why you should head on over to Beelievezxt.com! They carry the best natural products that you can find on the market and for a price that is hard to beat. The supplement industry is full of liars and those who promise the moon but really offer just filler. Beelievezxt.com doesn’t do filler, they offer only the best ingredients in their products. They know that the bad stuff is out there, but they are here to set the example, shut those snake oil salesmen out of business. When you want to change your lifestyle, be sure to stop by Beelievezxt.com first, because their here to help.

Concerning Macramé

hanging plants At MacraméMagic, we would like to go over a few essentials of our art.  Macramé is actually an excellent art of decorative knotting, in this art there is no use of needles or hooks. By utilizing a series of knots, numerous and unique ornamental patterns are formed. Macramé patterns can be made utilizing any type of material. You will be able to use fine thread to create macramé lace or even utilize leather strips. With a particular technique, the macramé craft maintain the knots in position while the work is being completed.

In the meantime, macramé can represent a test and make it a most requested art for some senior artisans and specialist. The Making of an ornamental piece utilizing  macramé art requires creative expertise coupled with understanding. It may even take numerous months to complete a complex piece utilizing brilliant macramé work with a multifaceted configuration.

Materials utilized within macramé incorporate cords made of cotton twine, material, hemp, jute, cowhide or yarn. Cords are recognized by development, for example, a 3-employ line, made of 3 lengths of fiber bent together. Jewelry is frequently made in fusion of both bunches and different materials (glass, wooden, et cetera), pendants or shells. Now and then “discovered” central focuses are utilized for pieces of jewelry, for example, rings or gemstones, either wire-wrapped to consider securing or caught in a net-like cluster of joining overhand bunches. A tying board is regularly used to mount the cords for macramé work. Strings may be held set up utilizing a C-clasp, straight sticks, or upholstery pins.

Some basic supplies which are required by and large incorporate regular hemp, common jute and link string. The thickness and shade of the link lines need to be chosen appropriately as per the necessities of the undertakings. Common hemp is far coarser in correlation to that of link rope. All the fundamental supplies of Macramé are accessible either as spools or pack for effective utilization.  At MacraméMagic, we have custom-designed macramé plant hangers which are endurable and aesthetic.  Drop in, browse and shop, we have the perfect plant hanger for yourself or as a gift for family and friends.

Gifts That Show Love

gift tipsThere are just some gifts that stand out more than others, in terms of showing someone that you truly care about them. These gifts tend to be ones that are designed to provide comfort and stability in changing conditions. And when it comes to changing conditions, nothing changes more frequently and more dramatically than the weather.

Remind Them Of You

Weather-related gifts can be items like mittens and gloves, warm woolen scarves, umbrellas, rain jackets and rain boots. They have an unmistakable way of saying (on behalf of the gifter,) “I really care about you, and I want you to be warm and dry, especially when the sky is pouring down in a deluge, or when the temperature drops below freezing. I want you to wear this and think of me.”

Ample Protection From The Elements

And so, really there’s no more loving type of gift you can get for a special person than a form of protection, in any shape or form. In this case, it’s the weather. And of all those items, the one that is least likely to be something that people will purchase for themselves is a rain jacket. And you can go further by having that special person’s rain jacket distinctively monogrammed.

The Distinctive Styling That Comes With The New Englander Rain Jacket

Charles River Womens New Englander Rain Jackets make wonderful gifts. They are lined with grey mesh for air-flow circulation and have taffeta nylon in the sleeves for easy on/off. Featuring a hood and open hem with shock cord drawstrings, they secure the wearer from the worst weather extremes. A clever wind flap & heat-sealed seams throughout serve to seal out the wind and rain. Front vented capes provide exceptional breath ability and easy decorating access. These jackets come with a safe, reflective stripe accent on the front and the back. A two-way front zipper offers enhanced freedom of movement. The New Englander rain jacket features covered zippered side pockets and adjustable cuffs with hook and loop closures and A-line styling.

The next time you need to buy a gift for someone special, think about making it a beautifully monogrammed New Englander Rain Jacket, to show how much you care.

Quitting Smoking Is Easy

vaporizer  e-cigs

Quitting smoking, as they say, is easy…in fact, it’s a breeze. Most smokers quit at least a hundred times during the course of their addiction…so just ask them.

Staying Quit Is The Hard Part

Now, staying quit…that’s altogether a different matter. That’s where, for the average person whose life is ruled by what some people call cancer sticks, the proverbial “rubber meets the road.” Staying quit means that no matter what period of time has lapsed between now and the last cigarette you smoked, you’re not going to pick up a cigarette, light it and smoke it. And, regardless of whether you go out and buy your own pack of cigarettes or you merely bum one from someone else, the very moment you place that lighted roll of tobacco and chemicals into your mouth and inhale, you are again smoking. Smoking just one cigarette at any time after you have quit the habit relegates you right back to where you were when you supposedly quit the habit.

The Mental Addiction

So, like pretty much all of the other addictions out there, the axiom: once a smoker, always a smoker for some of us, holds a bit of truth. At least for the first year or so, until we really are mentally free of the habit. See, smokers dispense with the physical addiction long before they are able to rid themselves of the mental addiction to cigarettes.


The psychological power of an addiction to cigarettes is the real reason behind the need for most people to have access to smoking cessation aids such as nicotine patches, gum and medications. Unfortunately, all of these aids come with a hefty price tag, to even supersede the previous money laid out for cigarettes. This is where electronic cigarettes offer the most reasonable, comfortable, easy way to quit the traditional tobacco cigarette habit.

As Painless As Possible

No matter what form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) you ultimately use, it’s important to know that quitting smoking will not be 100% painless. There will be times when you will experience cravings, but the difference between using NRT and quitting cold turkey is that you will have something gratifying that you can do, whenever your brain tells you that you need a cigarette.

To Duel Is To Live

duelDueling is one of the ancient codes of a polite society. Back in the day you could challenge someone to a duel if they had offended you in some way or if you just were really drunk and angry. You’d then take them out into a field, take out a sword or pistol, and then try to either kill or mane one another. Could you imagine how crazy that would be today with the internet? Don’t like that commenter? Challenge them and try to kill them; that would probably cut down on the amount of trolling and rage posts out there on the world wide web.

Today, we can’t really duel in the same fashion as before; the whole killing part is considered to be rather “illegal” in nature. Now if you wanted to duel someone you will have to settle for some wooden boards and a leather pad from Duelingboards.com. You might think that’s a rather odd selection, since there are some many different ways to duel out a problem; but these boards are different. Unlike most cheap dueling boards, the boards from Duelingboards.com are made in America, and are made from solid wood and not press board. This means that the dueling board is solid enough to last for years and even generations. They are high quality as are the leather bags you use to play the game.

Duelingboards.com gives you hand made in the USA product that isn’t outrageous to purchase or own.

Save Money, Time, and Data With Smartphone Repair

The current lifespan of a smartphone is less than 18 months. Sometimes this is because a customer is eager to trade up to the latest technology, but many times it is because the customer is not aware the phone can actually be repaired. Many warranties cover manufacturing defects only, and when accidental breakage is covered, factory repairs or replacements can be prohibitively expensive. Plus, warranties expire. What is a customer to do besides throw the thing into a landfill and start over? The good news is there are repair options that can help save phones and the planet.

Assessing the Damage

The phone doesn’t work, the warranty is out, and the replacement cost is upwards of $400. There is no backup to the broken phone’s data. The replacement itself is likely to be a refurbished rather than a new device. Before panic sets in, it is useful to take stock of exactly what is and is not happening with the broken phone. Perhaps it just needs an easily replaceable part. These are a few of the parts that are minimally complicated to repair, including the following.

  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Power button
  • Charging point

Some motherboard components are trickier to fix, but usually not impossible. The same goes for corroded wires. While the repair may involve more than simply swapping out a part, it is likely the cost will be cheaper than either a replacement or a new phone.

Keep Your Data

There are tremendous advantages to repairing a phone over replacing it. Convenience tops the list. If a phone is discarded before its data can be backed up, all that information is lost. Bringing a phone back to life often brings all the pictures, music, and information back with it.

Reconnect for Less

Repairs can take much less time than a factory replacement. Depending on the extent of the damage, turnaround can take just a couple of days. A repair is more than likely to save a customer money. For example, a screen replacement may cost less than $150, compared to one hundred to several hundred dollars more for a factory fix. Repair may be the smart choice.