Driving in the Snow – Essentials of Separation of Control

car driving tips We’ve all seen the phenomena of the first season’s snow-fall and cars spinning wildly into the ditch; it’s as though the previous seven months of warmer weather completely erased any memory of how to best drive in slippery conditions.

What “controls” do you have?

  • Brake
  • Gas (throttle)
  • Steering

By using only one control at a time you dramatically improve the effectiveness of your tires! Why you ask? Because a tire only has so much grip (determined by a number of different tire properties), and once you exceed the maximum grip level that can be achieved given the road you’re driving on that instant, the sliding (skidding) tire now has much less grip. If you’re using 100% of the tire’s grip for braking, how much grip remains for turning? Zero! That’s the beauty of Separation of Controls, it helps you from CREATING SKIDS! The majority of skids that you will experience in your driving life will be created by you!

The Separation of Controls Technique

1. When braking, don’t steer

2. When steering, don’t brake or accelerate (except for “maintenance throttle”, very light pressure on the gas pedal to overcome drive-line friction)

3. When accelerating, don’t steer

By following the above recommendations, you will find your driving performance improve greatly in the snow with less chances of sliding or skidding.

More advice

As you refine this new technique you’ll notice that when cornering, as you begin to transition from the turn to the straight road you can begin to add more throttle in direct proportion to moving the steering wheel toward pointing straight ahead. Also as you practice you may find you can continue to hold very light brake pressure as you first begin turning the steering wheel from straight ahead to turning into the beginning of the corner. You’ll see you’re developing a direct connection between hands turning the steering wheel and feet applying pressure to pedals:

  • More steering, less pedal (brake or throttle)
  • More pedal, less steering

Finally, make good choices on where you drive! A pro racer’s focus is the search for best grip from the tarmac; the focus when driving in snow is the same! Why drive on the shiny black stuff when there’s fluffy white stuff only six inches away? Test the surface condition regularly using conservative brake 

Book the Holy Book

holy land tours As the calendar has flipped to September, school is in session and the early clues of fall are coming. And with that comes the realization that the end of the year is coming, and many of us often take stock of what has been accomplished this year and start to get goals of what to accomplish next year. 

If you are member of the clergy or a lay minister in your church, when you take stock of your congregation, do you see something missing in your flock’s spiritual journey? Does it seem like it is wandering in the wilderness – knowing the letter of the Bible but not embracing the spirit?

If you are looking for a way to ignite fellowship and encourage a deeper understanding and respect for the Word of God and getting away from all the distractions of everyday life that tries to tempt us away from God, then for the new year you could consider taking your congregation on a special Bible-themed tour of the Holy Lands, Egypt, Greece or even the seven churches of Revelation in Turkey. 

A quick visit to maranathatours.com provides an opportunity to request a tour guide brochure so that you can start planning that Bible-based getaway where you visit some of the holiest sites in the Bible, and have some wonderful Bible study opportunities away from home, minimizing distractions and allowing your congregation to truly become closer to God and better understand its relationship with its Holy Father.

A Bible tour can be just even to shake up your flock, turn them away from the wilderness and put them back on the straight and narrow way toward the Truth of being in God’s kingdom.  Be His obedient children and be the Moses that leads your flock to the Promised Land with a Bible tour.

Fun Ways to Use Your Bowties

bowtie fashion When you think of bowties, you probably automatically think of them around someone’s neck, probably when paired with a tuxedo. While bowties look very stylish worn in this manner, they have many other stylish possibilities.

Here are a few fun ways to use your bowties that you might consider to dress up your style:

On Headbands

A bowtie on a simple headband looks very stylish. Simply tie the bowtie around a thin headband or glue it on for permanent placement. Off center it for a fun look. You’ll look just like Hello Kitty — well, sort of. You can wear your bowtie headband with your hair down or pulled back for different styles.

The look can be casual or more dressed up, depending on the bowtie you use and the outfit you wear.

On Bags

Tote bags, backpacks and even purses can all be a little plain. You can easily dress them up with bowties. Just tie the bowtie around the strap or through another flap on the front of the bag. Or glue the bowtie directly to any place on the bag for more options. You can easily create a fun new look for any bag you own, and you’ll have a unique accessory that others will envy.

As a Necklace

You have many other options for wearing a bowtie around your neck. If you don’t like the traditional look, you can have a little fun with it by wearing your bowtie as a necklace. You can wear your bowtie directly on your neck like a choker, or you can loosen the band significantly and let it hang down to your shirt like a necklace. You can even attach the bowtie to a chain to wear it like a pendant.

Be creative and you’ll find many ways to express your personal style!

The Tale of the Doohickey

copier parts We all know the story. 

We do everything right to keep our office printer or copier running smoothly. We conduct regular maintenance, make sure we have plenty of paper and toner cartridge on hand, and we inspect some of the rollers, belts and other mechanisms inside the machine to ensure they are in  proper working order. 

But then one day, the machine stops working. You do the assessment of everything you normally do and the rollers are working, there is plenty of paper and there is plenty of toner. After you spend 10 minutes opening and closing panels and moving things around, you stand up, scratch your head, then sigh because you know you have to call a technician ut to find the problem and fix it. 

Afer a two-hour wait, the technician shows up and within two minutes, finds your problem: a small part that can be found at wholesalecopierparts.com – most of us would call it a “doohickey” – had either broken off or was displaced and must be replaced. 

A part that not only the technician had on had and charged your office $40 an hour to come out and replace for you, you could have bought directly from wholesalecopierparts.com for a low price and would not need to charge labor time. 

The next sound is the facepalm that you give to yourself upon this realization. The doohickey is once again the bane of our existence. 

You resolve, right then and there, to make sure to never be controlled by a doohickey – so you bookmark wholesalecopierparts.com in your browser and you immediately order replacement doohickeys for your machine. It’s called a lesson learned in being prepared and knowing everything about your printer or copier so your office doesn’t move to a standstill and you don’t pay more for a doohickey that you really should. 

Learn the Tale of the Doohickey and don’t let it happen to you.

Nautical Jewelry: 5 Ways to Wear It Off-Board and Off-Beach

When you hear of nautical jewelry, you probably think of boats and beaches, sailors and stripes, and anchors and animals in the sea. Yes, you’re right! These somehow give the picture of nautical designs that are incorporated into various forms of jewelry for everyday use.

Some people think that such trinkets can only be appropriately worn on-board a boat or a ship, or perhaps while you’re strolling down the shore. Heck, no! These days, such stylish accessories perfectly fit into the nautical fashion that many adore and practice.

If you’re not sure how to wear these nautical pieces when you’re not on a cruise, in a resort, and other such settings, take a look at these ideas:

Beach and Nautical Themes

You don’t need to be on an actual boat or beach environment to be able to wear nautical jewelry. It makes for the perfect accent pieces when you’re attending a beach or nautical-themed event.

Picture yourself clad in a yellow and white striped sundress, complete with a beach hat and sunglasses. Now add a silver necklace with an anchor pendant and a thick link matching bracelet with a fish charm to that look. Isn’t that just classy and stylish while keeping to the theme?

There are so many ways that you can make use of various nautical accessories for these themed gatherings. Even if you’re in a simple get-up, the jewelry can make all the difference in making you blend in while still standing out.

Costume Party Ideas

Running out of costume party ideas? Well, why don’t you make good use of your nautical jewelry? Imagine strolling into the room in a sailor outfit while wearing a couple of braided leather bracelets and a pair of dangling earrings with sea creatures carved on the metal. You’re bound to bowl over the other guests with your subtle elegance and flair.

Costumes don’t have to be so extravagant. If you’re on a budget and in a hurry, you can throw together this nautical ensemble! Aside from the sailor look, you can come up with a fashionable pirate guise, appear like a cool marine biologist, or wow others with a beach goddess appearance. Be creative! What’s great about it is that you get to use the trinkets again and again even when you’re not in costume.

Cool and Casual Ensembles

Have you tried incorporating nautical jewelry into your cool everyday ensembles or your ordinary casual getups? Whether you’re going to the mall, meeting some friends for coffee, or running an errand, you can put on your sea animal charm bracelet or wear a nice turtle pendant on a leather string around your neck. It’s like bringing the ocean with you! And if you’re a nature lover, this will certainly give you a relaxing sensation and will inspire you throughout the day. You might even feel cooler on a hot day!

If you’ve been invited to go to a simple pizza or barbeque party in the neighborhood or you’re meeting up with some classmates for a project, you may also wear your nautical jewelry. This goes well with a great array of casual clothing.

Classic and Stylish Fashion

When you’re in the mood for classic fashion, you can enhance the look with a nice and unique nautical pendant which can give your plain white polo a fun and fashionable touch. Or if you want to dress up a little bit more, you might want to combine your nautical pieces with other accessories.

Let’s say you’re going clubbing with some friends. You can wear your skull earrings with a leather jacket and a skater skirt. They could also look wonderful if you have on a studded or glittery tank, skinny jeans, and leather boots.

What if you’re headed to the office? Yes, your enameled starfish necklace will add an adorable, stylish touch to your plain-colored top and blazer. It all really depends on your own fashion sense and creativity.

At least now you know that nautical jewelry doesn’t have to be confined to when you’re on-board or when you’re enjoying a summer getaway at the beach. It’s highly useful and will surely bring a smile to your face as you are reminded of beautiful undersea vistas and calming beach and ocean landscapes.

Greek Culture

greek culture In human history, numerous historical eras have designed their distinctive marks in numerous fields of human understanding and culture. Few, nonetheless, have left an all-encompassing influence that spans varied fields, like philosophy, arts, culture, politics, and warfare. One such civilization, arguably probably the most influential of all, is Greek civilization. This era conjures up images of gods and goddesses (even Athena herself clad in a Trojan helmet), philosophers and scholars, too as magnificent buildings whose architectural styles are nonetheless studied and admired to this very day. The so-called classical period in Greek civilization was throughout the 5th century BC to roughly 330 BC, which was then followed by the Hellenic era, also known as the golden age of Greek civilization.

This era is known for reaching great levels of prosperity that resulted in an unprecedented cultural boom, expressed in architecture, drama, science and philosophy, and nurtured in Athens under a democratic environment, through the sequence of invasions and domination: by the Macedonians, the Romans, the Byzantine Empire and the 400 years of Ottoman rule.

During the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, Greece saw monarchies and ousting of royalty, fierce political fights, assassinations, and dictatorships, wars that added neighboring territories and new population, but also brought economic devastation and poverty. After the defeat of Germany and the end of World War II, Greece joined NATO in 1952 and experienced a bitter civil war between communist and anticommunist forces.

In 1967, a group of military officers seized power, establishing a military dictatorship that suspended many political liberties and forced the king to flee the country. In 1974, democratic elections and a referendum created a parliamentary republic and abolished the monarchy. In August 1974 Greek forces withdrew from the integrated military structure of NATO in protest against the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus. Greece rejoined NATO in 1980. In 1981, Greece joined the EC (now the EU) and became the 12th member of the Eurozone in 2001. It successfully hosted the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

This rich and tumultuous past greatly influences contemporary lifestyle, the Greek perspective on the world, Greek music, food, customs and traditions, even the way Greeks do business. Greeks as a whole are extremely proud of their history, their cultural heritage and their contribution to literature, art, philosophy and politics. They speak with intense passion of their country as the cradle of European civilization.

A recent study found that Greeks’ pride in being Greek surpassed the ethnic satisfaction of every other European nation. Greeks define their natural and ethnic belonging through their culture and tradition. Anyone who has seen the movie “My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding” knows this. Traditions, religion, music, language, food and drinks are the pillars of contemporary Greek culture and lifestyle, making the country an attraction point for visitors from all over the world.

Lose the Paper Trail and Invest in a Paperless Time Clock System

If you are looking for ways to increase employee productivity and efficiency without going on a hiring spree, why not start with your time keeping system? Chances are you are still using a manual time keeping system to keep a detailed record of all of your employees. In order for your company to save money on operational expenses and increase productivity, you need to invest in a paperless time clock system.

Makes Multi-Location Time Tracking a Breeze

It is very time consuming and confusing to manage employees from different locations. Not only do you need to make sure that each person is doing their job correctly, you also need to keep track of their hours. A paperless time clock can help you to do both and keep you from losing your mind. It can track all of your employees’ work hours across different locations and eliminate the need for a paper trail.

Payroll is Easier to Process

An electronic time clock is very accurate. It tracks time all the way down to the exact second. You do not have to worry about any discrepancies or uncertainties when it comes to determining the exact time that someone punched in. All accounting is taken care of and determining overtime pay is much easier. A paperless time clock stores all employee time information in a database, while significantly reducing payroll and accounting errors.

Saves Money on Equipment

Constantly purchasing supplies can quickly add up to an expense that you may not be able to afford since supplies may not always be available for an affordable price. By upgrading to a paperless time clock system, you can use your time for more important things and eliminate manual time keeping equipment expenses from your budget.

Even if you have had a great deal of success in the past with manual time clock systems, it is time for you to bring your business into the 21st century with equipment that will improve employee productivity and efficiency, while reducing your operational costs.

You can learn more about reasons to switch to a paperless time clock system from the Gorilla Paper Blog.

Five Things to Consider When Purchasing Wholesale Crafts

arts crafts whole sale Whether you are an expecting mom, preschool teacher, or craft enthusiast, purchasing arts and crafts through wholesale venues can help you save time and money, while doing what you love doing most: crafting. However, finding a wholesale supplier can often be a challenging task. Fortunately there are a few ways that can help anyone save time and money while embarking on their crafting project.

1.Find a Reliable Supplier

Finding a reliable supplier can help bring down the cost of any arts and crafts project. This can be especially helpful for teachers and organizations that work with individuals on craft projects, but are limited on funding.

2.Order Online

Nowadays, people are more inclined to plan ahead when it comes to arts and crafts projects. Ordering online can help ensure you get your craft projects in a timely manner, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

3.Find a Source with Multiple Items

One of the reasons big box stores like Cost Co and Sam’s Club are so popular are because they sell everything you need in one spot. Just as your shopping for groceries, it’s always easier to shop at a store that has everything you are looking for, from clothing, auto care supplies, to school supplies, and food. When you are looking to shop for whole sale craft items it’s important to find a source that is reputable for selling a range of whole sale craft items.

4.Saves Time

Shopping for craft supplies is easy and saves plenty of time when you shop online. Ecstasy crafts is your one stop shop for all things arts and crafts. The site is easy to navigate so you can purchase items for your wedding or baby shower, classroom, or even your own home.

5. Peace of Mind

Working with wholesale suppliers can help provide peace of mind. It’s important to work with a company that values their customers and takes pride in the products that are delivered.

Personalized Beach Towels

beach towels The summer of 2014 has been heating up and the rest of August is bound to be hot.  Does your family have a plan for vacation?  Will it include a pool, lake, river or ocean to swim in?  What better way to have a great experience than with personalized beach towels for the entire family.  Envision having a personal beach towel for each member of the family for that picnic or BBQ by the lake or for camping near a creek.  With your summer vacation, you may be staying in a motel with a pool and your kids will feel extra special with their awesome beach towels.

At Little Goddess Boutique our personalized beach towels are the PERFECT way to add your own style and personality to any summer trip! They also make great gifts! Whether you’re looking for a gift for Graduation, Sweet Sixteen, Birthday, Christmas…or JUST BECAUSE.  See our best seller here.

  • Each beach towel measures 30″ X 60″
  • We now have TWO fabric options. Pricing will be determined by the TYPE of towel you choose. Please make your selection between the following two towel types.
    • MICROFIBER – Super soft Poly fiber fabric – thinner, lightweight towel
    • PLUSH – Made of mold resistant 100% polyester. This is the thickest towel available in our market (using the process we use).

Summer is special for living out dreams and vacations time is almost over.  Purchase our beach towels to make sure that the summer of 2014 is relaxing, exciting and memorable, and if you have any questions contact us and we will assist you with your custom design and purchase.

Catch Anna And Elsa At Disney World

disney frozenPrincess Anna and Queen Elsa, from Frozen, are incredibly popular and two of the most recent additions to Disney World’s Princess population.

See Them At The Magic Kingdom

You can see Anna and Elsa in the Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy Parade, offered most days at 3:00PM. First check your Magic Kingdom Times Guide, which you can get near the park maps at the park entrance for the exact time of the parade during your visit.

Limited Time: Live At Disney’s Hollywood Studios (July 5 – September 1 2014)

For Frozen fans, there are numerous special events scheduled here throughout the day, including Olaf on Summer Vacation, Anna & Elsa’s Royal Welcome (daily at 11:00 AM,) A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration, Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post & Frozen Funland, “Coolest Summer Ever” Dance Party (5:30PM Daily,) and a spectacular “Frozen” Fireworks display (9:45PM nightly.) Don’t miss them before they’re gone!

Meet Princesses Anna And Elsa

You can meet Anna & Elsa in the Princess Fairytale Hall of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.   This location accepts FASTPASS+ reservations and it’s recommended that guests take advantage of this option because the standby line for Anna and Elsa is so popular that it’s regularly exceeding three hours.  If you don’t have a FASTPASS+ reservation, get to the Magic Kingdom at least 20 minutes prior to arrival and immediately head to Princess Fairytale Hall, just as soon as the park opens to minimize your wait time.  It’s really critical that, to avoid disappointment, you do not promise your Frozen fan that they’ll get to meet Anna and Elsa until you have a FASTPASS+ reservation or you’ve have had a chance to check out the stand-by line time. >>At this time, Anna and Elsa do not appear at any of the Disney Princess character meals.

The Norway Pavilion At Epcot

The Norway Pavillion in Epcot is fun for fans of Frozen because it looks so much like the scenes in the movie.  The Maelstrom ride in the pavilion is a fun experience with some mild thrills that kids will especially enjoy.  Elsa and Anna are in the works to be added to the Princess Storybook Dining that is offered at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in this pavilion.