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Quitting smoking, as they say, is easy…in fact, it’s a breeze. Most smokers quit at least a hundred times during the course of their addiction…so just ask them.

Staying Quit Is The Hard Part

Now, staying quit…that’s altogether a different matter. That’s where, for the average person whose life is ruled by what some people call cancer sticks, the proverbial “rubber meets the road.” Staying quit means that no matter what period of time has lapsed between now and the last cigarette you smoked, you’re not going to pick up a cigarette, light it and smoke it. And, regardless of whether you go out and buy your own pack of cigarettes or you merely bum one from someone else, the very moment you place that lighted roll of tobacco and chemicals into your mouth and inhale, you are again smoking. Smoking just one cigarette at any time after you have quit the habit relegates you right back to where you were when you supposedly quit the habit.

The Mental Addiction

So, like pretty much all of the other addictions out there, the axiom: once a smoker, always a smoker for some of us, holds a bit of truth. At least for the first year or so, until we really are mentally free of the habit. See, smokers dispense with the physical addiction long before they are able to rid themselves of the mental addiction to cigarettes.


The psychological power of an addiction to cigarettes is the real reason behind the need for most people to have access to smoking cessation aids such as nicotine patches, gum and medications. Unfortunately, all of these aids come with a hefty price tag, to even supersede the previous money laid out for cigarettes. This is where electronic cigarettes offer the most reasonable, comfortable, easy way to quit the traditional tobacco cigarette habit.

As Painless As Possible

No matter what form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) you ultimately use, it’s important to know that quitting smoking will not be 100% painless. There will be times when you will experience cravings, but the difference between using NRT and quitting cold turkey is that you will have something gratifying that you can do, whenever your brain tells you that you need a cigarette.

duelDueling is one of the ancient codes of a polite society. Back in the day you could challenge someone to a duel if they had offended you in some way or if you just were really drunk and angry. You’d then take them out into a field, take out a sword or pistol, and then try to either kill or mane one another. Could you imagine how crazy that would be today with the internet? Don’t like that commenter? Challenge them and try to kill them; that would probably cut down on the amount of trolling and rage posts out there on the world wide web.

Today, we can’t really duel in the same fashion as before; the whole killing part is considered to be rather “illegal” in nature. Now if you wanted to duel someone you will have to settle for some wooden boards and a leather pad from You might think that’s a rather odd selection, since there are some many different ways to duel out a problem; but these boards are different. Unlike most cheap dueling boards, the boards from are made in America, and are made from solid wood and not press board. This means that the dueling board is solid enough to last for years and even generations. They are high quality as are the leather bags you use to play the game. gives you hand made in the USA product that isn’t outrageous to purchase or own.

The current lifespan of a smartphone is less than 18 months. Sometimes this is because a customer is eager to trade up to the latest technology, but many times it is because the customer is not aware the phone can actually be repaired. Many warranties cover manufacturing defects only, and when accidental breakage is covered, factory repairs or replacements can be prohibitively expensive. Plus, warranties expire. What is a customer to do besides throw the thing into a landfill and start over? The good news is there are repair options that can help save phones and the planet.

Assessing the Damage

The phone doesn’t work, the warranty is out, and the replacement cost is upwards of $400. There is no backup to the broken phone’s data. The replacement itself is likely to be a refurbished rather than a new device. Before panic sets in, it is useful to take stock of exactly what is and is not happening with the broken phone. Perhaps it just needs an easily replaceable part. These are a few of the parts that are minimally complicated to repair, including the following.

  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Power button
  • Charging point

Some motherboard components are trickier to fix, but usually not impossible. The same goes for corroded wires. While the repair may involve more than simply swapping out a part, it is likely the cost will be cheaper than either a replacement or a new phone.

Keep Your Data

There are tremendous advantages to repairing a phone over replacing it. Convenience tops the list. If a phone is discarded before its data can be backed up, all that information is lost. Bringing a phone back to life often brings all the pictures, music, and information back with it.

Reconnect for Less

Repairs can take much less time than a factory replacement. Depending on the extent of the damage, turnaround can take just a couple of days. A repair is more than likely to save a customer money. For example, a screen replacement may cost less than $150, compared to one hundred to several hundred dollars more for a factory fix. Repair may be the smart choice.

Teen TextingThere was a funny news story a few years ago in which a group of school children were told to go into their school office and call a parent. After about thirty minutes, the children reported they’d been unable to place a call because they didn’t recognize that the black thing plugged into the wall and featuring a rotary dial, was a telephone.

In similar fashion, making an actual cellphone call has become a charming throwback in communication for most of our youth. Why call and have to hold up a phone to speak when you can send your thoughts and information, uninterrupted and unmolested, to your hundred closest friends, or post your latest selfie on your wall or to Instagram in seconds? The down side of all of this technological advancement is that it costs, often far too much money.

Teens are driven by exceptional amounts of peer pressure and they aren’t lying to their parents when they claim that everyone they know seems to have a smartphone. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a smart phone, you can provide your teen the ability to text, and even to call his or her friends on a sliding scale pre-paid plan, or for a set amount per month, which is far kinder to your budget than any of the large cellular providers’ plans.

A lot of the big box stores offer a prepaid minute-by-minute option. When your child uses all the minutes, they’re done, unless you reload their phone. This can be a great incentive program, but since you can never know when the phone might deplete its minutes, it’s risky. A better choice is one of the newer cellphone providers with flat-fee pricing. They offer high-speed, even 4G coverage, and unlimited talk, text, and data for a single price. When you can find options for under $40 a month, it seems to make a lot of sense, and will save you a lot of angst-filled teenaged arguments.

Vap Herb vaporizers are portable, easy to use and highly sought after. They heat the substance at a lower temperature so the essence of the substance will emerge and produce vapor. Since there is no burning involved there are no carcinogens and no tar. If you have just purchased a new vaporizer it is important to follow few basic precautions to ensure the longevity of your device. Given below are three things you should never do with your vaporizer:


Never use any materials that your vaporizer was not designed for. Herb vaporizers are usually designed only to heat tobacco, oils or herbs. Avoid using the vaporizer for any other materials. Certain materials can ruin the vaporizer’s inner workings. More importantly, it can also cause several health problems when the device is forced to vaporize materials that it wasn’t designed for.


Ensure that your vaporizer does not overheat. Since it has heating elements inside, it can become a potential fire hazard when not used correctly. A vaporizer heats up quickly and the herbs inside will also heat up equally fast. When charging it, do not leave the device unattended. If you think the device is too hot, switch it off and unplug it immediately.


Always keep your vaporizer on a stable, flat and sturdy surface. The device may get toppled over if it is left on an uneven surface. When switched on, it can cause a fire hazard if it gets toppled over.

Herbal vaporizers offer a unique experience when used correctly. Whether you own a device of your own or plan to buy one soon, knowing how to properly care for your vaporizer will help you get the most out of it.

Visit Aroma-Tek today to find top of the line, high quality vaporizers from some of the leading brands in the industry.

School OK, so it might seem your summer vacation time has just started, but let’s face it – the new school year is just around the corner. It always comes fast because you are having so much fun in the summer, right?

You might have just put the colder-weather clothes away and got out the summer gear, but before long you will be taking part in all the back-to-school sales to get ready for another year. And inevitably, as much as your kids all want to be their own individual, you will get sucked into shopping for many of the same clothes and supplies as other parents – so there goes the individuality!

Maybe your kids attend schools where individuality in outfits is not allowed due to a uniform or strict dress code.  We understand, but your kids might not; they might insist on being different somehow. It then becomes our job to figure out how.

If you can’t display uniqueness in clothing, then you can certainly do it with accessories, so why not check out for the latest ideas in school supplies and other accessories that can be personalized for your kids to make an impression for the first week of school? At, there is an extensive inventory of various products that can have unique designs and styles, and all of them can be monogrammed, have names or some form of personalization on them to create that individuality your kids crave. Even iPhone and iPad covers can be personalized! What kid wouldn’t like that?

Before you even start planning your back-to-school shopping, you can already have personalized ideas in mind when you shop Get ready for school, with a personalized touch.

Table It’s a given that most hotels will host several special events throughout the year. From weddings to corporate meetings, the hospitality industry is known for accommodating sizable crowds in spacious banquet rooms that provide comfortable seating, delicious catering, and beautiful linens to boot. Here’s a quick guide to help you order the perfect table linens for your next big event.

The Color Essentials

Table linens include napkins, runners, tablecloths, and placemats; all of which are available in a wide variety of fabric options, sizes, and color choices. When choosing a color to order, try to find a shade that matches the décor in the rest of the hotel or even just the overall color scheme of the banquet room. These linens may end up being your most used. It’s also wise to order a variety of color options that customers may choose from to match their wedding colors or corporate colors.

The Measurements

It’s essential to get an accurate measurement of your table when ordering linens. Use a tape measure to get the exact measurements for length, width, and height. If you are ordering linens for a buffet table, then the tablecloth should reach all the way to the floor. If you are ordering for a sit-down dinner table, then the tablecloth should hang 8-18 inches from the tabletop.

The Difference Between Formal and Informal Settings

Although the rules are constantly changing, there is a difference between a formal setting and an informal setting. A lot of it depends on the table linens. For formal occasions, all the linens on the table should match (or at least closely correspond with) the tablecloth. For informal events, it’s perfectly acceptable to mix and match the colors and patterns within your table linens.

Since customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in the hospitality industry, try to regularly ask your customers if they would prefer linens in additional color or fabric choices. Make sure to check out the latest linen products available to make sure your hotel remains a popular place for special events.

Hanging Plants Ever thought about how you can transform your backyard into a cool hipster paradise much like what you see on Pinterest? You’d be surprised to know how easy it can be even with a small budget and some effort put in by you and a couple of your close friends and family.

Everything starts with planning it all out. Spring and summer seasons are the best time to act on this outdoor project, so best not to waste any more time by delaying the progress. Browse the net to get some pegs that you could use as an inspiration and guide, as well as to acquire some estimates to see how much you’ll need to account for in your budget. Afterwards, work on the timeline and an outline regarding the things you’ll need and where to get them.

It’s true that the bulk of your budget goes into the furniture and fixtures that you place in your garden, but you can still manage to save a lot by being resourceful and having a solid idea of what you want. Before hitting the stores, look into your storage room and cabinets to find stuff that you might have dumped and forgotten about, but would actually look great and have some use for in your hipster garden. Remember that it’s all about the vintage and earthy feel of things with a touch of quirkiness and sass. Garage sales, vintage stores, and even those clearance deals are also great places to start in looking for pieces to complete the homey feel of your open area without spending too .

Before you get carried away with all the stuff that would go into your hipster paradise, do keep in mind that it’s a garden first and foremost. Pay attention and see how you can clean up your garden and make it look even more charming by growing some plants and flowers, trimming the grass and bushes, and even doing some minor landscaping work. Place your plants in quirky and unique pots and containers, distribute the color all over the space, and strategize where you can position the lights, sights, and sounds that would transform your backyard space into a haven for you and your friends to relax and lounge in.

Macrame Magic can help you in adding an earthy and unique touch to your outdoor space with their line of macramé plant hangers that feature intricate, handcrafted, and quality artistry and make. All of these gorgeous and colorful creations would be a great way to hang your plants and add to the overall homey vibe of your hipster paradise.

Difusser A diffuser is a type of device that takes essential oils and disperses them into the air. There are several different types of diffusers, and they are all fairly easy to use. And if you are into essential oils and all their benefits, then you definitely want to own a diffuser.

The Premise of Diffusers

Diffusers work by breaking down the essential oil into micro-molecules then projecting them into the air to fill a room or work space. As the oils break down, they release natural ozone and, freshen and improve the quality of the air! The particles remain in the air for several hours depending on how long the diffuser was on and how much oil was used.

Types of Diffusers

•   Ultrasonic Diffuser: This diffuser uses electronic frequencies to create vibrations that are carried to the surface where oils are floating. The vibrations cause the oil to vaporize and become disperses into the air without using any kind of heat.

•   Cold Air Diffuser:  A cold air diffuser uses room-temperature air to blow the oil into a nebulizer where it is vaporized. This diffuser can diffuse quickly and efficiently; however it is noisy and can be a little messy! It’s not good at effectively diffusing heavier, thicker oils and it is hard to clean.

•   Evaporative Diffuser: This diffuser is very basic in operation compared with an ultrasonic diffuser. A fan blows air through a pad or filter where the oil sits and vaporizes the oil on the pad. The biggest problem is that  lighter oils tend to diffuse off quicker than the heavier oils. So these are pretty ineffective compared to the other diffusers. They are great, however, for your vehicle or when traveling!

•   Heat Diffuser: This method uses a heat source to disperse essential oils. Any diffuser that operates in this manner will alter the chemistry of the essential oil so this is not recommended at all, unless you only care about wanting your room to smell good without the other benefits.

•   Ultrasonic Diffuser: This diffuser uses electronic frequencies to create vibrations that are carried to the surface where oils are floating. The vibrations vaporize the oil and disperses it into the air without using any kind of heat.

•   Cold Air Diffuser:  A cold air diffuser uses room-temperature air to blow the oil into a nebulizer where it is vaporized. This diffuser can diffuse quickly and efficiently; however it is noisy and can be a little messy! It also can not effectively diffuse heavier, thicker oils and it is more difficult to clean.

•   Evaporative Diffuser:  This diffuser is very basic in operation compared with an ultrasonic diffuser. A fan blows air through a pad or filter where the oil sits and vaporizes the oil on the pad. The biggest problem is that the lighter oils tend to diffuse off too quickly, compared to the heavier oils. So these are pretty ineffective compared to the other diffusers, but great for your vehicle or when traveling!

•   Heat Diffuser: This method uses a heat source to disperse the essential oil. Any diffuser that operates in this manner will alter the chemistry of the essential oil so this is not recommended for use, unless all you want is for your room to smell good, and you’re willing to forego the therapeutic benefits.






When you are a little start-up, or if you have an established brand and just need to jump start your visibility and bring exposure to your prospective market, often the best way to do that is to have a promotional campaign of some kind.

There are a lot of things to consider when doing a promotion – it isn’t just about finding a cheap coffee mug or pen, slapping a logo and website on it and giving it away at the next street fair. There has to be a discussion among all the marketing and sales people, as well as a promotional expert, to figure out the best promotion to have and where to have it.

And some of these questions won’t be readily answered by anyone other than someone who has experience in promotions. Questions like the type of promotion to have, where to have it so it makes the maximum impact on your desired audience, as well as price tag for the promotion, all come into play here.

If you need to put forth a strong promotional event or a full campaign that will attract a large percentage of your target audience, then you need to talk to one of the promotions experts at At Ideas Unlimited Promotions, promotional events and full campaigns have been their bread-and-butter for 25 years. 

Ideas Unlimited Promotions has been in the business promoting Pepsi products for a number of years, and we all have seen how powerful a brand Pepsi has become.  As Ideas Unlimited has been a major player in the promotion of Pepsi products with its various promotional items, you can trust that the folks behind know how to approach a promotional campaign and can help you make yours a smashing success by whatever metric you want to use.

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